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Overview of Services at Rago & Son, Inc.

Rago & Son is a full-service, high volume metal production facility. We can stamp, punch, bend, and form a variety of metals into custom metal parts. Our complete suite of high-volume metal production services cover your component needs from beginning to end.

You send us a print, and we'll take it from there to delivery.

Production Metal Stamping

  • High-Volume Metal Stamping, Punching, and Forming
  • MIG, TIG, Spot, and Robotic Welding
  • Tube Lock Seaming and other Tube Works
  • Any Other Customized High Volume Metal Production

We work with any ANY industry with high volume metal production needs. We stamp metals up to 0.375" thick and have a versatile press capacity of up to 220 tons. Our coil feeders can handle up to 3/16" thick and 12" wide, and we produce metal tubes up to 0.020" thick.

Not sure if we can serve your particular requirements? Please ask us, or browse through the rest of our Web site by using the right-hand side menu or the links below.

Pre-Production Services

  • Prototyping
  • Die Manufacturing
  • Die Maintenance

Rago & Son, Inc. provides the above services only to support our production and manufacturing processes. Even though we have full machine shop capabilities, we do not provide the above as independent, individual services.

For our valued customers, there is NO charge for routine maintenance of your dies.

Post-Production Services

  • Complete Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Finishing (painting, coating, plating)

Much like our Pre-production Services, the above assembly and finishing are not offered as independent services. Rago & Son, Inc. performs the above as secondary and support services for our production.

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Sample List of Tools
  • Punch Presses (22—220 tons)
  • Turret Presses (20 ton CNC)
  • Press Brakes (25—135 tons)
  • Fastener Equipment
    • 4 x Haeger Pressn
    • 1 x PEMserter
    • 1 x Huck Gun
    • 4 x Avdel Gun
  • Special Equipment
    • 3 x Meltog Lockseamer
    • 1 x Meltog Spiral Tube Machine

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